Reiki Level I

Course Prerequisite: none


One Day Course

Attunement: Reiki Level 1 Attunement is a process that attunes you to the frequency of Reiki energy, enabling you to channel Reiki energy to yourself and others.

  • Learn the background of Reiki

  • Learn how to use Reiki for healing and personal growth

  • Understand the history of Reiki and how it has changed over time

  • Learn how to visualize the chakra energy systems in the body to cleanse and revitalize

  • Guided meditations to help you access your intuition

  • Learn how to perform complete Reiki sessions on yourself and others

  • Practice using the Reiki symbols

  • You will learn and experience the benefits of regular meditation

Reiki Level II

Course Prerequisite: Reiki Level I

Two Day Course


​The Level 2 attunement is given in one single attunement, with a focus on opening up the heart chakra, the midpoint between the physical and spiritual chakras.

  • Learn the level 2 Reiki symbols and how to use them

  • Learn how to perform distance Reiki

  • Practice sending and receiving the Reiki through distant Reiki treatments

  • Practice giving and receiving “hands on” reiki sessions

  • Create a greater flow of Reiki & learn to become a stronger channel

  • Use Reiki to heal past traumas

  • Learn how to send Reiki to help manifest your desires


Reiki Level III and IV

Course Prerequisite: Reiki Level I and II


One Day Course

Reiki Level 3 relates to self mastery which we know doesn’t happen overnight! It is a process of living and learning, but from a place of inner power. It is about knowing who you are and stepping into a life to reflect who you are.

  • Be attuned to, and given the final 3 Reiki symbols 

  • Receive training how to teach & attune others to Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, Reiki Level 3

  • Explore how you'd like to teach reiki (if that is your intention)

  • Discover more about the Reiki Precepts, the foundation of the System of Reiki and how they relate to the Usui symbols

  • Learn a variety of advanced tools and energy techniques to help you get even better results from your Reiki treatments, as well as exploring ways of developing your insight and your awareness of yourself and others to support your ongoing spiritual growth

  • Give and receive a full Reiki treatment both days using the 4th Usui symbol